Think, Don’t Tag is an anti-graffiti and tagging campaign aimed at the young people of Dublin City. It was developed and funded by Dublin City Council in conjunction with An Garda Síochána (Ireland's national police service).

I was commissioned by Andrew James of Sminky Animation to provide the illustrations for an animated short that would form the focal point of the campaign. Andrew created the concept and script for the short, and delivered a rough draft of the video upon which I based my character and background illustrations. The completed assets were then returned to the Sminky studio for animation and voice-over work.

The campaign is being promoted online and in print, overseen and produced by Clockwork Productions.
Think, Don’t Tag was launched by Lord Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr at Mansion House, Dublin on Thursday 2 March 2017.
The main character of the video is Buddy, a cheeky teen intent on tagging every surface with which he comes into contact. My initial concept for Buddy  sported an audacious pink hairdo and even a pair of goggles! It was felt that this concept would not accurately reflect the target demographic, so a more conventional solution was developed.
The initial concept (below) for the media campaign featured an "action movie" style poster with Bud at the centre as the main protagonist -- or should that be antagonist? Mock-ups were created portraying various possible city-based applications, such as the sides of buses. The client liked this idea but felt that aesthetically it was deviating too far from the style of the video itself.
The final print and TV campaign (above) incorporated artwork directly from the video. The national Irish news reported on the campaign launch, and by using advanced technology they were actually able to interview Buddy himself!

You can view the entire animated short below. Enjoy!

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