I recently took part in the 5th Brief Exchange Exhibition, a group show in which participants create a written brief for a ‎poster, and then swap it at random with another participant’s brief. The brief to which I responded was as follows:

“On Christmas Eve in 1874, a train derailed and crashed in Oxfordshire, England. It was one of the worst rail disasters the area had ever seen and 34 passengers were killed. I know this is a pretty grim beginning for a design brief, but bear with me. A list of victim descriptions from a newspaper article at the time circulated on Twitter recently, and makes for fascinating reading. The details of what was found in their pockets has been described as something like notes for a novel.

Your brief is to design an image inspired by any or all of the descriptions (which were attached as an image with this brief). Feel free to use them as standalone notes or within the context of their background.”