This is the poster I created for Brief Exchange 4, a group exhibition in which each participant responds to a brief written by another member of the group.

The brief I received required me to visualise a spoonerism—that is, a phrase or sentence in which parts of two or more words have been switched (e.g. Lighting A Fire ——> Fighting A Liar).

I’m a huge fan of wordplay, so I was delighted to receive this brief. At the time I was also suffering severe Photoshop fatigue, so to make things a bit more interesting for myself, I decided I would work solely in vector with a limited colour palette.

Doug’s Scullery is a spoonerism of the term skulduggery, so I imagined this poster as an advertisement for a local greasy spoon café, with a sinister hidden image (and a bit of a pirate theme).

This was one of 35 posters displayed around Limerick City as part of Design Week 2014. You can check out the rest of the posters here, and find Brief Exchange on Facebook and Twitter.