The brief I received for this, the third Brief Exchange exhibition, was as follows:

Internet dating is just starting to get big in Ireland. Imagine you are starting your own online dating site. It can be specifically tailored to Ireland/ the region of Ireland you are from or can be more off the wall (example: Women Behind Bars, Farmers Only & Official Clown Dating - yes these are all real sites) Using your chosen media, create a poster to advertise its aims / ethos / marketing campaign.

I created a poster advertising okcryptid.com, a dating site for cryptids (creatures that are purported to exist, but whose existence is not confirmed by scientific consensus, e.g. the Loch Ness Monster). The title is a play on another very popular dating website.

I had so much fun coming up with characters for the poster, I went ahead and made a permanent home for these amorous amorphous ambiguities. Find them here or just click the logo below!